Program Description

In the School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, operates the Postgraduate Study Program entitled: “Clinical and Industrial Pharmacology – Clinical Toxicology“, the successful completion of which leads to obtaining a Master’s Degree in “Clinical and Industrial Pharmacology – Clinical Toxicology” in one of the three specializations:

1. Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Medicine

2. Industrial Pharmacology

3. Clinical Toxicology

Purpose of the Postgraduate Program is:

The specialized and in-depth theoretical training and education of its students in one of the three offered fields of knowledge (branches) of Pharmacology and Toxicology, in matters of evaluation and development of new drugs, including clinical testing and industrial production, specialization in evaluation of drug toxicity, developing specialized skills in analytical techniques and strategies to address challenges and problems in the field of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

The active and diverse participation of its students in the field of Pharmacology and Toxicology of their interest and in taking professional action in it, with applications in research and clinical practice.  Conducting relevant research by themselves and writing a scientific master thesis.

The Cognitive subject of the Postgraduate Program “Clinical and Industrial Pharmacology – Clinical Toxicology” is to acquaint Health professionals and workers in the field of medicine with the practical application of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology, the processes of development, testing circulation and sale of new drugs by the Pharmaceutical Industry, with the ultimate aim of providing high-level training in rational prescribing and scientific documentation of pharmacotherapy, familiarization with the research, development and approval processes of new drugs as well as the acquisition of skills regarding the evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of drugs already in traffic. In addition, the treatment of adverse effects, pharmaceutical and other interactions and poisonings resulting from the correct or incorrect use of drugs.

The start of the courses is set every October and the language of instruction is Greek. The duration of study at Postgraduate Study Program which leads to the receipt of the Graduate Diploma is defined as a minimum of three (3) semesters of full-time study.

The postgraduate students of Postgraduate Study Program they are required to complete 90 ECTS, according to the European Credit System, each semester corresponds to 30 ECTS.

In the 1st semester, the postgraduate students of Postgraduate Study Program are taught seven (7) mandatory core courses, common to all three (3) specializations.

In the 2nd semester, the postgraduate students of the Postgraduate Study Program are taught different courses depending on the specializations. (Detailed information is provided in the curriculum).

The number of admissions to the Postgraduate Program “Clinical and Industrial Pharmacology – Clinical Toxicology” per year is limited to a maximum of sixty (60) postgraduate students.

The categories of candidates accepted to attend the Postgraduate Study Program holders of first cycle degrees from Higher Education Institutions Departments are accepted. and Technological Education Institutions   of the country and abroad and in particular:

1. For the “Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Medicine” specialization:

Holders of Higher Education Institutions Domestic and foreign Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine.

2. For the “Industrial Pharmacology” specialization:

Holders of first cycle degrees (Higher Education Institutions and Technological Education Institutions) of the country and abroad:

a) Graduates of the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences, Molecular Biology-Genetics and Nursing (Higher Education Institutions   and former Technological Education Institutions) schools of the country and foreign, and Departments whose subject falls within that of the specific Postgraduate Study Program, with a particular interest in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

b) Graduates of other Departments and Schools of Higher Education Higher Education Institutions and former Technological Education Institutions of the country and abroad, who have at least two years of professional experience, established in their field, with proven time in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

3. For the “Clinical Toxicology” specialization:

Holders of Higher Education Institutions   and Technological Education Institutions of domestic and foreign Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry and Biotechnology and Departments whose subject falls with that of the specific Postgraduate Program.

Nomination for the Postgraduate Study Program final year students of the Departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Molecular Biology-Genetics and Nursing can also nominate, provided that they have graduated before the approval of the final list of candidates, the who are admitted to Postgraduate Study Program.

The selection will be made on the basis of the candidates’ curriculum vitae (evaluation of the dossier of supporting documents) and an interview by the three-member Admissions Selection Committee, which consists of three (3) faculty members of the same or related subject belonging to Steering Committee of Postgraduate Study Program.

The recognition of foreign degrees for admission to a postgraduate study program is done by the Academic Departments. Even if the candidate has equivalent degrees from DOATAP, he is not required to submit them. If there is a tie, the procedure is done again by the Department. The Academic Departments are responsible for the academic and only recognition of degrees and not for equivalence. DOATAP is still responsible for the equivalence of degrees. Those interested, who have already applied or are studying in Postgraduate Programs, subject to the presentation of an individual act of recognition by D.O.A.T.A.P., are exempted from this obligation and their application or continuation of their studies is examined based on the criteria of the new law (articles 297-316 and 479-481 of Law 4957/2022).

The admissions selection criteria include:

Possession of a degree/diploma of the first cycle of studies of the country or abroad.

Knowledge of the English language, which, when their mother tongue is not confirmed, is certified either by a degree from a corresponding foreign language university department or by possession of at least recognized certificates of good (level B2) or very good (level C1) or excellent knowledge (level C2), according to the Council of Europe system, which is accepted by A.S.E.P. Alternatively, a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a Greek University or a commensurate University abroad can be submitted, from which the successful completion of an English-language undergraduate or graduate program results.

Interview by a competent Committee.

In addition to the above supporting documents, the candidate may submit, if he/she has them:

Diploma or diplomas of postgraduate studies at a Greek University or a similar Institution abroad.

Doctoral degree from a Greek University or a similar institution abroad.

Certificates of possible good knowledge of the French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian language. If the candidate is a foreigner, he/she can submit certificates for knowledge of the Greek language.

Evidence of any research and writing activity, participation in educational student mobility programs and professional or related experience.

The above supporting documents are submitted either as an exact copy or as a simple photocopy.

Foreign candidates, as a necessary condition for their admission to Postgraduate Program they must provide a certificate of Greek language proficiency or a certificate of at least B2 level.

The final selection process of the candidates in the Postgraduate Program is done by the three-member Admissions Selection Committee that is appointed every year by decision of the Department Assembly, after a recommendation from the S.E. of the Postgraduate Study Program, which ranks the candidates based on the total number of units they have accumulated. The three-member Committee draws up a complete list of all the candidates and, after the relevant control, rejects those who do not meet the minimum criteria set by the School of Medicine and invites the qualified ones to an interview candidate who have met the prerequisites.

The application must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, (including copies of relevant certificates and a list of scientific publications, announcements and other research activity), a photocopy of the police ID, a recent photograph (on photographic paper or a suitable electronic file format, e.g. jpg).

The scoring of candidates for admission to the Postgraduate Program results as follows:

Degree grade (5 points for Good, 7 points for Very Good and 10 points for Excellent)

Recognized postgraduate studies (10 points)

Doctoral Dissertation (10 points)

Announcements at Greek conferences (1 point/announcement, up to 5 points)

Announcements at international conferences (2 points/per announcement, up to 10 points)

Publications in Greek magazines (5 points/publication, up to 15 points)

Publications in international journals (5 points/publication, up to 20 points)

Participation in research programs (10 points/per program, up to 20 points)

Recognized professional experience (5 points/year, up to 2 years of experience)

10. Oral interview where the candidate’s scientific training, research experience, relevant extra-university activity and any special qualifications are evaluated (up to 40 points).

The maximum number of points that the candidate can complete is determined by the above criteria and is 150.

The final list of successful candidates and any runners-up, after being validated by the Department’s Assembly, is posted on the notice board of the Secretariat and on the Postgraduate Study Program website.

The registration of the successful candidates is carried out following a relevant announcement from the secretariat of the Postgraduate Program within twenty (20) days, upon submission of any necessary supporting documents. In the event that a candidate does not register within the prescribed period, it is taken as a refusal to accept the position and it is filled with the next successful candidate.

The Postgraduate Study Program accepts as listeners persons who pay part of the tuition fees, who meet the conditions of Article 4 and wish to attend up to three (3) individual courses (after consultation with the teacher) without having been admitted to the Postgraduate Study Program. The listeners do not receive a postgraduate degree, but a certificate of attendance, provided they have completed the obligations arising from the requirements of each course.

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