Announcement 2017


in the Master’s Study Program

“Clinical and Industrial Pharmacology”

The Department of Medicine of the School of Health Sciences of the A.P.Th. announces the admission ( with a maximum of 30 places ) of graduate students for the academic year 2017-2018, to the Graduate Program entitled: “Clinical and Industrial Pharmacology”.

The cycle of the Study Program (P.M.S.) lasts 4 semesters and leads, after the successful preparation of a diploma thesis, to a Master’s Diploma of Specialization in Clinical and Industrial Pharmacology.

          Two (2) directions work:

– Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine

– Industrial Pharmacology

Courses start in October 2017.

          Eligible to apply for participation are: graduates of Medicine, of all Schools of Health Sciences, of the country or of similar institutions abroad, provided they present officially recognized as equivalent or equivalent degrees, graduates of the Departments of Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology , Molecular Biology – Genetics and Nursing (HEI and TEI) schools of the country or similar institutions abroad, oriented in Pharmacology and graduates of other Higher Education Departments and Schools of HEIs and TEI of the country or similar institutions abroad, who have a two-year, at least , professional experience, established in their field, with proven time in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The selection is based on the CV of the candidates and an interview by the program managers. Details on the P.M.S. website:

The attendance fees of the P.M.S. are set at €1,500 per semester and can be paid in total €6,000 upon registration or in equal installments of €1,500 before the start of each semester to the following ELKE Account of A.P.Th. (Bank of Piraeus, IBAN: GR 72 0172 2020 0052 0207 8601 761 Project code 93180 and Scientific Manager Mr. D. Kouvela).

In addition, the P.M.S. accepts as listeners people interested in Clinical Pharmacology who wish to attend up to 3 individual courses (after consultation with the teacher) without having been admitted to the P.M.S.. The listeners will not receive a master’s degree, but a certificate of attendance, as long as they have completed the obligations arising from the requirements of each course. The audition fee is 400 euros/course or 1,000 euros for 3 courses per year.

Those interested can submit applications from 06/06/2017 until 07/07/2017 to the email address: or by post to the following address: Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory, Building 16B, 3rd floor , Department of Medicine, A. P.Th. University Campus, P.O. 363, P.O. 54124 Thessaloniki . 

The submission of an application involves handling costs of €30, which are deposited into the aforementioned Account at the same time as the submission of the application. The application must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae (including copies of relevant certificates and a list of scientific publications, announcements and other research activity), a photocopy of the police ID, a recent photograph (on photographic paper or a suitable electronic file format, e.g. jpg) , and the proof of deposit ( file management costs) .

Detailed Instructions and all relevant forms are posted on the P.M.S website. or provided in printed form by the Secretariat of the P.M.S.

            For more information contact:

at the Secretariat of the P.M.S. of Pharmacology, 3rd floor of the Medical building 16B, tel.: 2310 999312, at the email address: , on the website of the School of Medicine and on the website of the P.M.S.

His Director

Graduate Program

Dimitrios Kouvelas


Pharmacology – Clinical Pharmacology

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